The May River and Bluffton are places you want to go home and daydream about on "normal days."  "Normal days" are for earning our livings, going to school, taking care of family, working in our communities.  All good and important parts of life.  But, May River Bluffton days are AMAZING days.  May River Bluffton days are for remembering our connection to salt and sand and sun.  For exhaling the expectations of deadlines and appointments and inhaling the peacefulness of playing the day by ear and finding your way into the next special moment.

May River Bluffton days can be as full of activites as you want them to be!  Our families learned to ski, wakeboard, kneeboard, swim right on the May River.  Kayakers and paddleboarders can explore marshes boats can't get into.  Did we mention tubing?  Maybe you'd like to try your hand at casting a shrimp net or crabbing with a string and chicken neck!    

Want someone else to catch and cook your seafood?  There are plenty of great places to eat right in Old Bluffton.  The Old Town Dispensary.  Squat and Gobble.  Toomer's (restaurant of the Bluffton Oyster Company).  Captain Woody's Seafood Bar...just to name a few.

May River wildlife is a treasure in and of itself. Unlike most other rivers,  the May has no high ground headwaters that feed fresh water from upper streams and creeks. Instead it depends on tidal shifts that flush it out with saltwater from its down river mouth at the Calibogue Sound and the Atlantic Ocean. 

You might see dolphins, river otters, pelicans, saltwater fin fish, egrets, herons, sand pipers and seagulls!  At low tide, we have a small beach where it's fun to chase fiddler crabs as they scurry into their holes. Mornings are extra special from the dock if you love a good sunrise.

It can be an all day affair to stock up on food, drinks, sunscreen, footballs, frisbees and take your boat over to the May River sandbar.

Here are just a few connections to get you started!

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